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The Daily Maid Service
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1) Cancellations
If for any reason a cancellation has to be made please allow as much time as possible. Except in the cases of REAL emergencies a charge will be made:

a) More than 72 hrs notice no charge.
b) 72 hrs - 48 hrs - half the time booked.
c) 48 hrs or less full payment for the time booked.

1a) Reduction in time booked
Unless previously agreed:

a) More than 72 hrs notice no charge.
b) 72 hrs - 48 hrs - half the time booked.
c) 48 hrs or less full payment for the time booked.

2) Payment
Payment must be made on the day the work is carried out either by cheque or cash (unless agreed beforehand). The payment will be picked up by the staff carrying out the work. Please if possible have the correct money on you if paying by cash as the staff do not carry a float with them.

3) Invoicing
In special circumstances arrangements can be made for invoicing work carried out, these should be paid on receipt of invoice, a 20% surcharge is applied if not paid within 10 days of invoice date.

4) Timing
Staff are on a reasonably strict timetable so it would be very helpful, if you are on the premises to get payment available for when they are ready to leave, waiting for payment after they have finished can add an extra 10 minutes to the time which in turn makes them late for the next customer.

5) Arrival Times
We try as much as possible to arrange start times as accurately as possible. Staff can sometimes be 15 minutes either side of the start time due to various reasons, see above, also traffic can play a part especially in the Summer season, if your day is going to be upset by this please let the office know and the staff will be advised, although most of the time it is out of their control.

6) Telephone
Occasionally your telephone may be used to advise the office of something that has happened on your premises i.e. Breakage, Spillage or the vacuum cleaner not working etc.

7) Ironing
If you require ironing please ensure you have an iron that works and an ironing board. Also please be aware the more ironing you have will lessen the time for cleaning, as it will only be one member of staff cleaning for the duration of the time taken ironing.

8) Vacuum cleaning
Staff are NOT issued with a vacuum cleaner. They will have their own cleaning products and cloths. Please ensure your vacuum cleaner is in working order and can do the job it is meant for.

9) Instructions
If there is anything different you may require from time to time, please leave a note for the staff and they will carry out your instructions as a priority, and then will continue cleaning as normal until the time is up. If special instructions are left please understand the time they will normally have will be cut down by the amount of time needed by your instructions.

10) Safety
Please do not ask the staff to do anything dangerous i.e. standing on the top step of high stepladders to clean lights or picture rails (other arrangements will be made if necessary) cleaning open windows in high rise blocks either standing on ladders or sinks etc., cleaning of balconies involving bending over the balcony. The staff are advised to say no to a job they think will risk their well-being.

11) Whilst every effort will be made to fulfil our obligations under the agreement, The Daily Maid Service can only advise staff of their duties and cannot be held responsible for:

i) Not receiving instructions about cancellations, holidays, reduction in time etc. given to the staff. These must be directed by you to the office.

ii) Any normal duties not carried out because of special instructions or extra ironing that reduces the time arranged for cleaning unless either extra time is allowed, or the office is advised the normal clean will not be required due to special instructions being left.

12) Private work
All staff sign a Contract excluding them from working privately or soliciting any Daily Maid Service customers for 6 months from the date their employment ceases with The Daily Maid Service.

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